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We are a Creative Design Studio

Based out of India. We love designing great stuff. Come and know more About Us.

About Us

We don’t advertise. But we do ideate. Create. And innovate.

If you are looking for an ad agency, you are in the wrong place. Because we don’t advertise. But we do ideate. Create. And innovate.
They are different words with quite different meanings. But look closer, and you’ll see the love triangle.
One can create, only when one has an idea. And when one has an original idea…voila, one has innovated.
Yes, innovation is not limited to science and technology. And why should it. It is after all, just a new method. So why can one, not communicate innovatively.
Not always with innovative tools. But with innovative thoughts, each and every time.
We had started off with this belief. 15 years back. A lot has changed since, but the thought remains. Something else that hasn’t changed, is our small set up that yields big ideas.


Creating brand personality

Not only does this field require creativity, but also coherent strategy. And, trust us when we say, “we’ve got it all covered.” What we mean is, we just won’t make your logo, design your visiting cards & corporate stationery and work on the packaging. We will, instead, work on creating and defining a personality for your brand; an image that will help you connect with your customers and audience.

Creative services

Communication is a basic need, because one has to communicate all the time. And so does your brand and your products – through brochures/catalogues, annual reports, newsletters/magazines, direct mailers, posters, flyers, billboards, packaging, labels, print ads, audio-visuals, et al. And we do it all.


Websites, mobiles apps, social apps and prototypes. In the current day these are like cheese spread on your bread.






Web Design


Meet Our Team

Here are guys who weave magic in our studio.

Subhamay Basu
Subhamay Basu

The Shepherd

He is not an artist by qualification. But an artist by choice - by his heart, soul, mind and his entire being. And became so against the disapproval of his entire world. He found his first inspiration in his then-budding-now-established-artist Uncle who went to the Government Art College, Calcutta. He wanted to go there himself, but was not allowed to. He was coaxed into becoming an accountant (nothing against the profession; but he was just not meant to be one). But later quit his job and went on to create Graphite Studio. When he is not working (which rarely happens) he likes to paint. And also exhibits his paintings. He has found his place in the form of speed painting in the Neo Expressionism style.

Raj Bose
Raj Bose

The Traveller

If you mix a science freak, a musician and an adventurer together, you will probably end up with Raj. The man, who has covered more than half the world, photographing its many wonders. Raj is in a constant quest to be spiritually stimulated through his lens. He may come across as a loner at times, but on the contrary he is terrific people’s person, with an enviable and a global contact list. He also has intimidating degrees in engineering and business management. Raj can be found climbing hills to shoot sunrises, playing his guitar for charity, stealing an hour to visit his favourite neighbourhood cafe, playing with his boys or on crazily long international telephone calls with us here.

Amrita Ghosh
Amrita Ghosh

The Theorist

She has a theory for anything she looks at. And that is not funny. Because she has the knowledge about the theory of a lot of things. A hell lot of things. And most importantly about graphic designing. Born into a family that lives on (not just loves) art, she most obviously has a refined taste when it comes to art, in its varied forms. Her father, an advertising professional himself, introduced little Amrita to dry-transfer lettering, tracing papers, fashion photography, graphic designing, very early on. And the little one too, found it all quite amusing. Her love and knowledge of this industry is that deep rooted.

Deep Dey
Deep Dey

The Geek

Deep is our blue eyed boy for technical and IT support. He has a work experience of more than a decade in the field which makes him our solid back-rest. His envious skill set includes Application Development using cutting edge J2EE and Open Source Technologies such as Java, Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Hibernate ORM and Log4j Framework, Spring, Struts; Lightweight POJO based frameworks like Spring 2.5 (Dependency Injection, IoC, ORM, DAO, AOP). He has expertise in J2EE Web Servers Apache Tomcat 5 & 6; application server Jboss 5.0. He is exposed to EJB 3.0 and in variety of RAD tools like Eclipse Helios, NetBeans 6.5, 6.7, 6.9 etc.