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Dey’s explored its expertise in the field of major antibiotics, sulphas, vitamins, antituberculars, antidiabetics, antihypertensives, antiinflammatory , analgesic etc. Dey’s is proud of its factories which have the most modern equipments for its entire range of production. It is the constant endeavour of the company to keep abreast with advanced technological developments to market top quality drugs. From the formulations of many life-saving drugs, Dey’s has already entered into the manufacturing of basic drugs like chloramphenicol, magnesium hydroxide, etc.

Apart from working with Dey’s for their calendars, we also created the package design for their latest anti-septic cream. The cream was meant to serve the purpose of a go-to solution for everyday skin problems. The design was carefully thought of, keeping in mind the company’s heritage and the sentiments of their loyal customers.

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